Librarians: Mimi Newnham, Susan Ahearn  


Our lending Library is open for business!!!  We have at least 742 items available for you to borrow.  Our Quilting Books number 401, DVDs 7, novels 88, Patterns 216, Rulers and Templates 30.  There is something for everyone to borrow.

Isn’t it fun to hold a quilting book in your hands and browse through it?  How about a quilting mystery or one of the Elm Street Quilting books to read poolside?  Want to try a new design and need a template?  Check out our templates and save a few dollars.  Books and templates are checked out for one month except for June when items may be returned at the September meeting.  

Our online catalog can be searched and browsed to find quilting resources.  

Visit Quilt North’s Library


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