Each year, there are two challenges – the President’s and the Guild – set forth at the beginning of the year. The contests are for finished quilts and usually are due at our last meeting of the year. Cash prizes are given to the winners of each challenge. You cannot submit the same quilt for both challenges.

THIS YEAR’S CHALLENGES – Due in time for the June guild meeting, Monday, June 7, 2021

Guild Challenge 2020-2021 “Celebrate Quilt North”

This year’s guild quilt challenge is all about Quilt North and our 25 years together.  There are two requirements:  1) Color palette–as something silver is the traditional gift for this anniversary, it is essential that your quilt has a pop of silver; and 2) Mini-quilt size–obviously the finished size of the quilt should be 25″ by 25.”

Use any technique or combinations of techniques. Use a pattern, design your own, or go completely improv!  Are you inspired by friendships you’ve formed? Something you’ve learned through a speaker or a workshop?  A road trip you took?  Are you sewing along with Block of the Month?  Enlarge the pattern and use silver in the block.

First, second, and third place winners will receive a prize.

President’s Challenge 2020-2021 “When We Aren’t 6 Feet Apart”

From President Linda Gebhardt: I am optimistic about life post-Covid, imagining a time of being close to family, friends, and strangers without apprehension; a time of hugs & handshakes, haircuts & baby showers, concerts & ballgames, hopping on a plane anytime to anywhere.  My challenge to you is to make a quilt that illustrates life when we aren’t 6 feet apart anymore.  You can do anything:  Be abstract or representational, piece blocks, fuse shapes, choose colors or a pattern that make you happy, use a technique or an idea that you learned virtually during the pandemic, think about key words resiliency, closeness, . . . whatever comes to your mind.  Anything goes.  Any size goes

First, second, and third place winners will receive a prize.

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