Comfort Quilts

Thank you to Stewarts Shop for it’s $400 donation from their annual Holiday Fund collection in support of our Comfort Quilts program!
Quilt on bed at Captain shelter

Our good work, at work

In September, we heard from Bill Lubin, Program Director of Runaway and Homeless You

th Programs at CAPTAIN Community Human Services in Clifton Park. He sent the following note and photo that illustrates how our Comfort Quilts are used:

“Thank you for the opportunity to speak to the group last month. We our very thankful for the support Quilt North Guild gives us. I have attached a picture of one of the quilts Quilt North Guild so generously provided. It is great how much care is put into each quilt.

With the nights cooling off I put some of the quilts on the beds at the Shelter today.

I wanted to share how important your support is to our efforts to create a home like environment for the teens.

Thank you.

This effort is organized by Paula Dunn. Please contact her if you are interested in helping. Occasional workshops are held in addition to members working individually on kits prepared and made available at each meeting by the Comfort Quilts Committee. Members take home the comfort quilt kits and bring back the completed quilts.

We have an annual all-day comfort quilt workshop held at the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library in Clifton Park. This event will be our February guild meeting in 2020. Members, and members of the community, drop in or stay the day, as we make quilts for that will be distributed to those in need. Pizza, salad and drinks are provided by the guild for dinner and treats to share are donated (and always appreciated!) by members.

Work that benefits our community is one of the most important activities of the guild. We have provided hundreds of quilts to those in need (more than 90 in the 2018-2019 guild year), as well as raised funds for local organizations such as the Shenendehowa Helping Hands Food Pantry. Individual members make quilts at home to donate to this effort and workshops are held so members can work together on quilts. This provides an ongoing supply of quilts available to the guild. Recipients of the quilts include children and families in need, veterans, infants in the NICU, children and youth who have suffered loss, and local families who suffered because of illness or catastrophe.


Here are several useful resources for those interested in making a comfort quilts. There are several files for you to access – one with instructions to make a number of simple blocks into beautiful quilts. Cutting instructions for different size quilts are included for each block. The second file shows, in color, the way these blocks will look when made into a quilt. There is plenty of inspiration in these two PDF files.

In addition, there is a wheelchair caddy pattern online that can be used for making donations to Saratoga Center for Rehab & Skilled Nursing Care in Ballston Spa and other organizations with clients in wheelchairs.

Quilt Sizes

Considering making a comfort? Here are the general sizes of quilts needed. As you can read, sizes are approximate and no quilts will be turned away! Thank you!

36″ by 48″ – For babies and for those using wheelchairs (WIC and nursing homes)

Approximately 60″ by 80″ – For youths and teens (CAPTAIN/Camp Erin)

Approximately. 48″ by 48″ to 48″ by 60″ For NICU to end of life care (Albany Med)

Quilts of any size are accepted by the Albany Medical Center.

Quilt Kits

Each kit includes a pattern, precut pieces for the top, sashing (if needed) and borders (if needed), backing and 2 ¼” strips to make double fold binding. We’re asking, if at all possible, for you provide the batting. If it’s still a hardship for you, just ask, and we’ll give you one, but we will no longer be automatically offering battings at the Comfort Quilts table.

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