October 3, 2022 Lisa Calle

Trunk filled with Anything but Junk

Come spend a little time with Lisa Calle, the Bernina Ambassador and Award-Winning quilter!  With her humor and down to earth attitude, she will share with you her personal and professional journey of quilting.  Lisa illustrates how she has earned renowned success from her initial piece using a “⅜” seam allowance, to her latest quilt that won awards at the Houston International Quilt Festival.  As you gain insight on Lisa’s amazing craft and her 3-step Divide and Design method, any hesitation you have regarding the patience or talent for quilting will quickly disappear.  So, if you doubt whether or not you can quilt with pride, Lisa will give you the confidence and knowledge to start.  The world of quilting can be yours, too.


Tuesday, 4 October 2022                                        Lisa Calle:  Feather & Fills Folly

Tuesday, 4 October 2022     9:00 am to 3:30 pm EDT

Members $65 / Non-Members $70                 Click here to register:  Lisa Calle Feathers & Fill

Live, in-person at the Clifton Park Elks Lodge on 695 MacElroy Road in Ballston Lake, NY 12019

Do you love the idea of incorporating beautiful feathers into your design, yet feel that achieving such a look is way out of your league? Join Lisa as she introduces and demonstrates 6 different feathers. She will remove any timidness you may have and guide you with the assurance needed for placing feathers into your piece. But it doesn’t stop there…. After learning how to expertly execute these feathers… you will learn how to accentuate those fabulous feathers with different types of fills. Don’t let fills be an afterthought, they can make or break your quilt!

Workshop with Beth Helfter

Paula Schwab has kindly shared her photos with us. Beth taught our members her “accordian” half square triangle method. Paula: “loved the workshop!!! This method is so easy and addictive.

Needle Fact: The 80/40 Rule (?)

From a QN Member: Most regular sewing thread used for seam construction is generally a 50wt thread not a 40wt. And a size 80 needle is generally used for this weight thread though some applications require a 90(needle). 40wt thread is generally used for machine quilting or machine embroidery. And most sewing machine’s needle threaders will not work with a size 70 needle . . Look at the size of your own sewing threads. Coats and Clark’s regular thread is 50wt, Aurifil is 50wt, Mettler general sewing thread, Gutterman is 50wt as well as many other of the common manufacturers.

From Schmetz Needles: What Needle Size Do I Use
The most popular thread used for all types of sewing, quilting, and
crafting is a 40 weight thread. When using a 40 weight thread, use
a size 80/12 needle.
If using a thread finer than a 40 weight, such as a 50 weight, use a
smaller needle size such as 70/10. Likewise, if using a 30 weight
thread, use a needle size larger than 80/20, such as 90/14 or larger.