Quilts for Hospice

Message from Cynthia Guess:

The Community Hospice cares for hundreds of Veterans on our program every year. To thank them for their service, we recognize each with a certificate and present them with a handmade blanket or quilt in red, white, and blue. Unfortunately, we only receive a fraction of the donated blankets we need, leaving about a third of our Veterans without. We are seeking knitters, crocheters and quilters to help ensure every Veteran on hospice can receive this gift of comfort and warmth. Blankets can be lap size (35 x 40 inches) or large enough for a hospital bed (66 x 90 inches). If your members would like to participate in this very special mission, your hand made blanket can be dropped off at our Albany office located at 445 New Karner Road. We also have offices in Saratoga Springs and Catskill. For more information, call The Community Hospice at (518) 724-0200 and ask to speak with Cindy in the volunteer office.

4 thoughts on “Quilts for Hospice

  1. Thank you. I will add them to our list of recipients and we can make up some appropriate kits for members to sew. Laura Swensen, can this be part of your program, too? Paula



  2. Please send this to the members, also, with the endorsement of the Comfort Quilt Team. Thanks, Paula



  3. Cindy, do you only want red white and blue quilts and/or patriotic themed quilts, or is a more general design welcome too?


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