Book collection in the cloud

Visit the Library page and click on the link to visit our new book collection online. You now can sort the collection by author, title, and subject.  If you select genre, you can see the new 2014 acquisitions. It’s pretty user-friendly, but if you’re having difficulty or need to ask me a question, please contact me. I welcome any and all suggestions.

Susan Ahearn

Library book sale

As new librarian, it was one of my duties to weed out the old books, and with help from Paula Dunn, this has been accomplished. I will have several books on the freebie table and others for sale near the library at the November meeting. Books will be priced in the $1-$2 range. All proceeds from this sale will go towards buying new books (suggestions welcome). We also plan on building a special rulers collection (donations welcome), and maybe even start a DVD collection. So, stop by and take a look — changes, they are a-coming!

Susan Ahearn

2nd Vice President(s) needed

They say life is what happens while you’re making plans. That’s exactly what’s happened and our current 2nd VPs have had to step aside. We thank them for volunteering to help the guild and we realize those plans can sometimes change.

That opens up a great opportunity for someone or a couple of people to take over the reins of planning programs for next year. This is an important and rewarding job. You have the opportunity to bring the speakers you’d like to hear to the guild and take any workshops they offer for free.

The job entails contracting with a variety of speakers for the 2015-16 guild year. During that year, you provide local transportation (if needed) and dining arrangements while the speaker is in town.  You arrange and help set up space for workshops. You would attend board meetings to discuss plans and needs.

To find out more about this position, please contact Ann Pastore or any current or past president/vice president. Don’t delay as the planning for next year needs to be done NOW before speakers get booked up!

Thank you from Maplewood Manor

Maplewood Manor sent the following thank-you note after the guild recently gave a donation of quilts and wheelchair caddies:
Dear ladies,
We are overwhelmed by your kindness & generosity. I’ve started handing out the quilts to some of our new admits, especially those that don’t have much. They have all been so grateful. You have all brought a lot of smiles to Maplewood.  The physical therapy department was overjoyed with the walker/wheelchair bags.
Again, thank you all so very much!
Laura Vigneau, activity director

Happy birthday, Ruth Riddle!

Long-time member Ruth Riddle celebrated her 90th birthday on Oct. 10 at her home, with family and friends from all over the country. Happy birthday, Ruth!

A note on membership renewals…

Please note that membership renewal forms will now only be accepted at the front tables during monthly meetings. Thank you!