Remember Your Summer Challenge Blocks!

If you haven’t made any yet, there’s still time! This summer’s challenge is called “The Exploding Block” and the instructions are available in a video from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

To participate in the challenge, you will need to make at least four blocks in pastels and creams. Solids are ok, and small florals or prints that read as a solid from a short distance are good, too. Make two with cream centers and two with pastel centers. You do not have to use the same fabrics in all your blocks. When you are done, sew your blocks together into a four-patch square using a ¼-inch seam, alternating cream- and pastel-centered blocks. Finished squares should measure 6½ inches.  When assembled into a four-patch, they will measure 12½ inches.


One thought on “Remember Your Summer Challenge Blocks!

  1. In going through the website, I noticed every hyperlink for photos and information is active! I love this easy to see/read format! Great job Michele! Thank you!!


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